Monroe County Sheriff's Reserve Statistics

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Reserve is comprised of part-time volunteers who supplement the MCSO by filling in for staff shortages and special assignments. The Sheriff’s Reserve saves the county money by volunteering hours that would normally go towards full-time employee overtime pay. They also save the county money by purchasing and maintaining their own equipment through revenue generated by working special events. In 2012, the Sheriff’s Reserve had 31 volunteers.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Reserve conducts two annual reserve academies and is becoming a regional training center for other county reserve units, including Morgan, Owen, Green, Lawrence, and Brown counties. In order to volunteer, reserves must pass a background check, go through an interview battery, take a 40 hour pre-basic course, and complete a 140 hour reserve academy with a minimum passing score of 80%.

Sheriff Reserve Training Hours 2010-2012
Reserve Training Hrs 2010-2012

Hours Worked by Sheriff's Reserve 2010-2012
Reserve Hrs Worked 2010-2012

The reserve unit decreased training by 2.4% in 2012. The number of hours worked by reserves in the MCSO increased by 26.8% during the same time.

Cost Savings from the Reserve to Monroe County 2009-2012
Total Savings to Monroe County 2010-2012

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Reserve unit continues to save money for Monroe County. In 2012, the reserve unit increased county savings by $25,848.00 or by 24.4%.