Services Provided by the
Monroe County Sheriff's Reserve


As a not-for-profit organization, we are highly dependent on generating our own revenue to support our function as a volunteer local law enforcement agency. This is accomplished by working security details in and around Bloomington. If you are interested in using our services, there are some things you must first know.

We are sworn law enforcement officers with the same police powers as regular Sheriff Deputies. We actively support the Monroe County Sheriff's Office by assisting them on the road as well as being available during emergency situations. As police officers, this is our primary function, but we must also support ourselves, too. This is accomplished by using our law enforcement capabilities to provide safety and security at events.

We generally will not work events or functions that involve the service of alcoholic beverages. Our main reasoning for this is that there is too much liability. As police officers, we simply cannot allow people to drink alcohol and then drive off in their cars right in front of us. We have had trouble with this issue in the past (nobody wants their event security arresting patrons for OWI) and that is why we can no longer work such details. 

Our services are almost exclusively performed in full uniform. It is only on rare occasions and by request that we would work an event in plain clothes. Our police officers are always armed during events. We will only work an event with at least two of our officers present. This is obviously a safety issue for our officers.

We charge an hourly rate for each officer that is hired to work the event. Our current rate is $20.00/hr/officer. The minimum charge is two officers for one hour of work each. 

To make a request for security it is advised that you give us at least one month's notice in advance. The more time we have, the easier it is to schedule the event in and get officers to work it. If you need our officers sooner than that, we will try to accommodate you

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