Services Provided by the
Monroe County Sheriff's Reserve


The Sheriff’s Reserve is a not-for-profit organization, we are highly dependent on generating our own revenue to support our function as a volunteer local law enforcement agency. This is accomplished by working security details or providing traffic control for events in and around Bloomington.

The Sheriff’s Reserves are sworn law enforcement officers with a jurisdiction that covers the entire county, meaning that if we are supporting an event we can handle the situation without calling for another agency to take over which may not be the case for other agencies that may be supporting your event. We take great pride in our appearance and professionalism, we not only represent you when we work your event but we also represent the sheriff’s office.

We generally will not work private events or functions that involve the service of alcoholic beverages. As police officers, we simply cannot allow people to drink alcohol and then drive off in their cars right in front of us. The liability is too great and nobody wants their event security arresting guests for OWI.

Our services can be performed in full uniform or plain clothes depending on your need. Our deputies are always armed during events. We typically prefer to work an event with at least two of our officers for their safety but this is also dependent on the type of event it is.

We charge an hourly rate for each officer that is hired to work the event. Our current rate is $35.00/hr/officer. The minimum charge is two hours of work.

To make a request, we prefer that you give us at least one month's notice in advance but depending on the event we can support shorter time frames. The more time we have, the easier it is to schedule the event in and get officers to work it.

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