The History of the
Monroe County Sheriff's Reserve

In 1957 thirteen men from different backgrounds formed a unit for the purpose of establishing a Civil Defense Unit in Monroe County Indiana. As the the unit expanded the group of officers began attending Law Enforcement related classes at Indiana University to help further training. 

In 1962 a struggling Civil Defense Unit decided it was time for new and more experienced leadership. They elected a new chief with hopes that he could guide the unit in a better direction. The new chief "Price Cox" agreed to take command of the unit for one year. Chief Cox, a retired Indiana State Police Captain, brought his knowledge and resources to the unit. Training intensified over time as a result. Chief Cox's intent was to create a much more professional and knowledgeable police agency. Chief Cox did not resign after one year. Instead he held on as chief and worked to improve the quality and professionalism of his Unit. 

As the need to become a better agency grew, so did the need for a steady income. Funds were needed to supply each officer with equipment to look and perform as a professional police officer. The unit began working for Indiana University for traffic control during sporting events. As time progressed, the unit began working many other details to help generate revenue for equipment and uniforms. Now that the unit was acquiring uniforms and equipment there was a need to establish the unit as a corporation. It was then that the Monroe County Auxiliary Police was born. 

In 1965 the MCAP purchased 17 FM radios and a base station to establish a communications section of the unit. A year later the unit purchased an old school bus and renovated it into a mobile command center. Complete with a generator and multiple mobile radios it was used for critical incidents, power failures, and as a command center during the county fair. This bus was retired in 1975 when a larger bus was purchased by the unit. It was equipped with much more advanced (at the time) solid state radios.

During the early 1970's a need for a police station for the MCAP grew. So the unit purchased 505 W 4th St. Bloomington Indiana, 47401. The building was remodeled and the front was rented out to an electronics store to help pay the mortgage quicker. Eventually the front was no longer rented out and then utilized as an office space. Even as the Monroe County Auxiliary Police changed its name to the Monroe County Sheriff's Reserve, the location of its opperation remained constant.

Today the Monroe County Sheriff's Reserve still works toward the same goals as it did in the beginning, to become a premier police agency standing out above others. The unit started out as 13 men wearing grey work shirts, trousers and a black tie. They carried nightsticks and helmets donated from World War II. Today we have our own reserve center/headquarters which was completed in 2017. We currently own 10 patrol vehicles and we are in the process of purchasing more. Each officer is supplied with all the necessary equipment and training to perform our function as police officers.