Welcome to the Website of the Monroe County Sheriff's Reserve

The Monroe County Sheriff Reserve is a law enforcement agency comprised completely of part-time volunteers who supplement the MCSO by filling in for staff shortages. The Sheriff’s Reserve saves the county money by volunteering hours that would normally result in overtime hours for MCSO merit deputies.  In order to volunteer, reserves must pass a full-background check, go through an interview battery, take a 40 hour pre-basic course, and complete a 140 hour reserve academy with a minimum passing score of 80%. In 2011, the Sheriff’s Reserve consisted on 42 active volunteers.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Reserve conducts an annual reserve academy and is becoming a regional training center for other county reserve units, including Morgan, Owen, Greene, Lawrence, and Brown counties. 

The reserve also saves the county money by purchasing and maintaining their own equipment. Direct taxpayer expense is limited to fuel cost.  All costs for items such as vehicles, vehicle maintenance, headquarters building, utilities, uniforms, law enforcement equipment and training are covered by the unit itself.  Income is primarily derived from providing security, traffic control, and crowd control for both private and public events. Donations from private citizens and organizations are both greatly needed and appreciated.

If you are interested in volunteering with the reserve or supporting the reserve through a fiscal contribution, please contact us.