Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the inmate visitation process work?

A: The visitation schedule for inmates will go into the blocks on Mondays for the following weeks’ visitation.  The visitation week will start on Monday and end on Sunday. All visitors must be listed on the inmate's approved visitor list.  Inmates wishing to visit an individual not currently on their list will need to submit a Visitor Maintenance sheet, prior to the visit, with visitor(s) name(s), days and times of visits requested.  Once an inmate schedules visitation times, they will not change.  If an inmate signs up for more than four (4) visits a week, the additional visits will be removed.  It is the inmates responsibility to keep track of their scheduled visits as well as letting visitors know the days and times.  This information will not be given over the phone.

Currently, family and friends may submit a request to be included on an inmates approved visitation list by visiting the website.  However, by submitting the form, you are only requesting to be approved. Co-defendants, victims, minors and individuals not approved by the inmate will be denied.

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