Monroe County Correctional Center

301 N. College Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47404
H: (812)-349-2750
FAX: (812)-349-2054

The Monroe County Correctional Center is the largest Division of the Sheriff’s Office. It employs sixty-four (64) full-time and seven (7) part-time employees.

The staff coordinates and aids in the supervision of a large number of citizen volunteers who provide a multitude of services to inmates and are not supported by tax dollars. Transportation of inmates, court security, classification of inmates, and numerous other duties related to the correctional aspects of the Office are the responsibility of this Division.

The lobby of the Correctional Center is located on the west side of the building (in the alley).


Corrections Officers Written Exams

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office has partnered with Empco, Inc. to provide written entrance examinations at a nearby test site. The tests include both cognitive and attitude/personality testing components. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office requires a passing of at least 75% to remain eligible for positions requiring the written exam. Applicants are not required to wait until a position is posted to participate in an exam.

There is a fee to take the examination and your test score, name, address, email address and a brief profile that you will complete will be available to every participating agency in the state that you select. Therefore, with one process, you can automatically apply to numerous Sheriff's offices. To register, visit After registering, you can schedule an exam. You only need to register once. After you register, you can update information and review your test scores.

Upon successful completion of the EMPCO testing, you will be notified to submit a formal application.

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